San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

When I moved from Seattle to San Francisco in 2012, SFMOMA was already closed for expansion and renovation. I never got to see it as it once was, but filled in many visits to the DeYoung in Golden Gate Park instead (looks a lot like a Star Wars vehicle, don't you think?)

Anyway, it re-opened, and my Seattle college college / Oakland roommate / bff Ross Patton made a visit this weekend. Seven levels of photography, sculpture, abstract,  modernism, etcetera.

A big surprise for me waited on the 4th floor. A collection of Design through the ages, from the typewriter to Swiss posters to current day data based annual reports. To quote Seinfeld, "I was (am) busting Jerry, busting!". Some posters, including the Gieselle ballet poster below, I had only seen in books. Pretty exciting. Makes me wonder what else they have in the collection...


My initial thoughts on our 1.5 hour driveway? SF MOMA, in comparison to the DeYoung, which is a bit smaller and had a wealth of rotating exhibits, has a little bit of everything in their collection. The museum has gorgeous white tones, wood, open spaces and minimalist yet effective signage on every corner. There are multiple area to eat, drink, sit, rest and relax. It is a well thought out experience meant for you to come back again and again.

I was too enthralled to take more / better photos, but design firm Snohetta who lead the expansion has some killer photos of the museum interior.