There are plenty of articles on Instagram rebrand so I'll keep this simple.

This morning I was reading an article on designers reactions to the new Instagram rebrand. Several of the comments included: "I hate it"," it's awful" etc.

Perhaps I am an optimist; I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume their decisions have intention behind them. I also find it slightly unprofessional when Designers completely smash something to bits without considering all sides, and especially the longview.

My reaction?

Take a step back and give some time to process and consider your thoughts and all sides. Good design doesn't happen oven night, and neither did Instagram's rebrand. And for that matter, neither does an informed opinion.

With over 6 years since any major visual changes, Instagram has probably used that time and experience to make an informed decision of their next move.

If you hate it now, ask your self the same thing after using the app for one week, a month and three months.

As designers, we're supposed to put in the research the process and iterations that inform our approach.

Just like the design process, only through time will we see if the results prove our initial hypothesis.